The Feather is more powerful than the Sword...

A lot of publisher have their artist with them at the booth. Here you can either just talk to them let you draw a small artwork. On this page you can find an overview of all comic artists that we have announced. On their microsite you can see at which stand they are sitting and when their signing hour will be, provided they have shared that information with us.

20. March 2018
CCON | COMIC CON GERMANY | Artists | Haiko Hörnig & Marius Pawlitza

H. Hörnig & M. Pawlitza

Haiko Hörnig wurde 1984 in Ludwigshafen geboren und verbrachte den Großteil seiner Kindheit im Comicladen des Vaters. Seit 2013 ist er Co-Autor bei NICHTLUSTIG. Außerdem arbeitet er als […]
  • Comic Con Germany | Panini Comics
  • Comic Con Germay | Partner | EMP
  • FedCon 2018 | 18.05. - 21.05.2018
  • MagicCon 2018 | 23.03. - 25.03.2018
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