Comic Con Germany will give you the unique chance to purchase autographs from our star guests. Due to the large crowds and long queues we have created a new virtual queue system for popular star guests that is easy to follow. For our most popular stars we would advise that you come to the autograph area early. Once there, find the crew member allocated to the guest you are interested in and request a virtual queue ticket, this will have with a number on it - keep this ticket safe.

Once the autograph sessions start, the VQ numbers will be clearly shown at each guest star table. When your number is within the range displayed you will be able to join the queue, this will reduce your waiting time in queues, and give you more time for all the other things at the convention.

Autograph vouchers must be purchased at the convention sales desk located close to the autograph area. You need one voucher for every autograph you want to obtain.

You can decide what the actor will sign for you. Whether you have an old video cassette from your teenage years, a DVD or blue ray disc, poster or a magazine? No problem! If you don’t have something to sign, we can provide a choice of different 8 x 10 photos of the guest that you can purchase.

Please appreciate that waiting times could potentially be very long with popular guests, and your opportunity to meet them may occur later in the afternoon. We would strongly advise you to get a virtual queue ticket for each guest that you are interested in, as we can not guarantee that guests will go to an open queue if they are busy.

From time to time our guests will need a little break, some of them will leave their table to have a break, give a talk or have a photo shoot.

You will need a virtual queue ticket for each guest you wish to get an autograph from, where applicable (not all guests will have VQ tickets - some will be open queue, this will be very clear on the day.)

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