Comic Con Germany 2017 | Cosplay | Evil Ted
Evil Ted
3. February 2017
Comic Con Germany 2017 | Cosplay | Anthony Misiano
Anthony Misiano
14. February 2017
Comic Con Germany 2017 | Cosplay | Alyssa King

Comic Con Germany 2017 | Cosplay | Alyssa King

Alyssa King is a New York city based artist and character designer. Coming from a family of creative professionals, she was encouraged early on and found an affinity for art inspired largely by classical masters and modern animation.

In 2013 she debuted her now famous Harley Quinn costume at Wonder Con in Anaheim, California. Alyssa has since refined the design and continues to visit conventions disguised as everyone’s favorite crazy girlfriend. She has been an outspoken supporter of the “every-BODY-can-cosplay” sentiment, having hosted panels at several conventions discussing the issue, encouraging an atmosphere of love and support within the cosplay community.

In the Fall of 2013 she moved to New York city where in her Brooklyn apartment she feeds her creative hunger for drawing, designing and creating costumes.

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