19. Mai 2017
13. Juni 2017
Foggy Comics

Guy (Foggy) Fogel is a comic book writer & artist from Tel Aviv, Israel. He publishes two ongoing comic book series:
"Sherman's Pit": A psychological comic book thriller... starring deskjob soldiers in the IDF. Private Sherman is assigned to a top-secret command bunker (aka The Pit), but is haunted by strange visions which makes him doubt his sanity. However, he slowly finds out not only that his hallucinations point to a very real conspiracy, but that he's not the only one in The Pit who's crazy.
"Sonica": An all-ages super-hero comic. An attack on her mother's lab has left Sonya Sol and her dog Sookie with a unique gift: each time they would hear music of a different genre they would have a different super-power as long as the music is playing. Aided by sarcastic boy genius Shai, it's up to Sonya to investigate her mother's murder, train a super-powered dog and fight the mysterious terrorists known as "The Orchestra".

You will find Foggy Comics in the Comic Zone at stand 1P18a!


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