Hamid Brahim – Kugali

21. Juni 2018
Hanna Wenzel
4. Dezember 2017
With an increasing interest in comics and graphic novels and a deep need for different stories and characters, for more diversity represented in media, Kugali has made it its mission to showcase African talent and the stories they have created whether it be as comics, art and/or animation.

Hamid Brahim is a VFX/ animator and co-founder of Kugali. After studying Animation and 3D modelling from the University of Hertfordshire, he specialised in character creation and technical direction. He has worked on many high production films such as ​The Predator or the upcoming Disney film: ​Dumbo​ and the highly anticipated remake of ​The Lion King​. As mentioned he is also one of the co-founders of Kugali and its head animator. His current project is Augmented Reality and how to bring the comics featured in the Kugali Anthologies to life. Developing an immersive reality where not only the characters and the worlds come to life but the reader is part of the characters’ reality. Creative, ambitious and innovative, Hamid Brahim is someone you want to keep an eye out for!


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