20. Dezember 2016
Leander Aurel Taubner
30. Januar 2018
Leairis Cross is an artist and cosplayer based out of Chattanooga Tennessee. She is a painter specializing in acrylic pieces that has been featured in galleries in the southeastern United States. She also does illustrative work that is mostly fandom based, from Steven Universe and the Powerpuff Girls to The craft and Hellboy there is no subject she won’t tackle if someone wants to see it. Her favorite thing is to bring people’s original characters to life. Whether it be their DnD character or their Fursona Leairis loves to bring that special image in your head out for everyone to see! She has been featured at multiple conventions across the US but this will be her first international con. She also sells prints of her favorite cosplay creations which she loves to wear to shows.


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