Not everything costs something...

Our shows derive part of their fascination from the many exhibitions that clubs, fans and organisations set up on CCON | COMIC CON GERMANY . From the beginning in 2016 the Lego exhibition was one of the highlights. It startet with "only" 500sqm and will be more than double that size in 2018. Also the German Garrison "501 - Vaders Fist", the German section of the international Star Wars costume group, was with us from the beginning. Additional Highlights were Peter Herfens "50.000 Orks", the Star Trek engine room and the guys from "Warhammer 50k".

We call these exhibitions "free specials" because it is free for everyone to see and always good for a picture with friends or your family.

  • FedCon 28
  • MagicCon 3
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