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CCON | COMIC CON STUTTGART 2022 | Comic-Verlage | The Next Art

THENEXTART started in 2004 with the intention of giving German comic artists the opportunity to publish their own projects, which do not find a place in the programs of the major publishers. THENEXTART mainly stands for comic books based on the American model. Independent publishers such as Image Comics, Aspen, Avatar Press or Zenescope Entertainment were the godfathers here.

The colorful program includes thrillers like “Seneca File” by Michael Feldmann and “Touch” by HOK, end-time action series like “Hades-Syndrom” by Michael Feldmann, dark superhero stories like “The Counselor” and “Der Engel” by Tomppa, fantasy like “Starchild” by Hannes Klesse and “Blue Evolution”, Sci-fiction with “Enklave” by Sascha Dörp, westerns by Matt Fynch with “Lilly Swan” or “Sinnermann” by Fern/Winter, horror with “Zombies auf der Reeperbahn” and “Red Riding Zombi”, erotica with “Justine & Juliette” and “SBK83” and many more independent works by various artists.

To date, THENEXTART has published over 200 comics, albums and artbooks. Many of the comics are released with limited variant covers, feature blank sketch covers by the artists, making them not only exciting stories but also popular collectibles.

THENEXTART offers its artists a home and fans the opportunity to enjoy sophisticated comic projects, read comic books in the style of the American models, get in touch with the artists at trade shows and purchase original artwork of the comics.

THENEXTART presents the following artists at CCON | COMIC CON STUTTGART 2023:


Andreas Butzbach

Andreas ButzbachAndreas Butzbach, comic artist, illustrator, 3D artist and toy designer.

Under his studio name “Hangar67” he creates characters and titles like Molekei, Robotnin/ Six Cuts, Der Typ ohne Hose and BIGASSSWORD.

Besides his own creations, he also illustrates stories and PinUps for the international market.



DonAIDBorn in 1985, DonAlD, with his own series Punks’n’Banters, is dedicated to punk comics. Besides his punk rock lifestyle, he had time to study media design, as this was more interesting than bumming change in front of the supermarket.



Hannes Klesse

Hannes KlesseHannes Klesse: Autodidact – Hulkfan – full-time teacher of physiology and anatomy among other things – draws since he can think – publishes his own sci-fi fantasy series “Starchild” via crowdfunding through THENEXTART since 2020 – currently working on New World Guardians.

He can be found via the links below.


Matt Fynch

Matt FynchMatt Fynch was born in 1977 in Halle/Saale. After studying art and film in Münster, he devoted himself to graphic novel and illustration.

Since 2017, he has been drawing the horror western about the detective “Lilly Swan” for THENEXTART. In 2018, in collaboration with the author Tom C. Winter the thriller “Das Geheimnis der Mia Diamond”.



Michael Feldmann

Michael FeldmannMichael Feldmann, born in 1975, works as a freelance artist and illustrator in Arnsberg (North Rhine-Westphalia). He studied painting and graphics at the Free Academy of Fine Arts (fadbk) in Essen from 2005 to 2010 and received his artist’s diploma there in 2010. Since 2007, he has been publishing his End Times comic series “Das Hades-Syndrom” with THENEXTART-Verlag. Since 2017, the series “Seneca Akte” has been published with 2 issues so far on major conspiracy myths in album format.


Sascha Dörp

Sascha DörpBorn in 1971, the Cologne native initially began his career as a print template maker.

After studying visual communication, he worked for various advertising agencies as an art and creative director and increasingly as an illustrator and graphic recorder.

Since 2010 he has been writing and drawing the online cartoon series “Schoolpeppers” as well as various one-pagers and short stories for various fanzines and alternative publications. Since 2015, his sci-fi noir series “Enclave” has been published by THENEXTART. For PlemPlem Productions he works on the comic series “Matt Eagle”.

The publisher Kult Comics published the horror comic “Ratten”, the Flood story “Arche Noir” and the superhero comic “Kamäleon”.



TomppaTomppa lives and works in Potsdam. Since 2009, he has published his superhero series DER ENGEL and THE COUNSELOR with the Chemnitz-based THENEXTART publishing house.

He contributed the cover as well as a short story to number 5 of the comic series “Mr. Kill” by Plem Plem Productions.

Tomppa also does original drawings and paintings on commission.

His current project is part 4 of the superhero mystery series THE COUNSELOR, released in 2021.


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