24. April 2019

Photo Point: Walking Dead

Photo Point: „Walking Dead“ Experience Rick Grimes’ double at CCON | COMIC CON GERMANY in a unique setting from the cult series The Walking Dead. Have […]
17. April 2019

Photo Point: Game of Thrones Throne

Photo Point: „Game of Thrones Thron“ Extra from the Seven Lands and directly to the CCON | COMIC CON GERMANY  the Iron Throne was brought. You […]
16. April 2019

Photo Point: Deadpool Couch

Photo Point: „Deadpool Couch“ Anyone who has seen the second part of the wicked film series (and surely all fans have) knows the scene on the […]
15. April 2019

Photo Point: Lord of the Rings Argonath

Lord of the Rings Argonath Who does not know them, the gigantic statues of Isildur and Anárion from “The Lord of the Rings”, which rise to […]
14. April 2019

Photo Point: Aquaman Trident

Photo Point: “Aquaman Trident” At CCON | COMIC CON GERMANY  you can feel like DC Comics superhero Aquaman and prove your superhuman powers. Just like in […]
13. April 2019


CorruptedCast For CorruptedCast horror and bizarre stuff from the internet are in the foreground. Be it the latest or older scary games, no matter! He dares […]
12. April 2019


Maxim Maxim Markow is the country’s most famous Esport commentator and the face of the German League of Legends scene. The trained teacher with a completed […]
7. April 2019


GamingClerks For 10 years Christian and Niko have been producing videos for the GamingClerks channel. A big inspiration at that time were magazines like GameTrailers, which […]
6. April 2019


Sev Horror is his life. Sev loves to send himself and his community on a real horror trip. With years of experience Sev has become the […]
5. April 2019


Malternativ Journalist, gamer and resting pulse professional. On his channel, Malte Hesse currently pillories bad advertising, games and films and drives the roller coaster of emotions […]
2. April 2019

Gladzy Kei

Gladzy Kei is a draughtswoman, character designer and cosplayer from Calgary, Canada. Gladzy’s cosplays and designs have been featured in numerous magazines including Cohaku, Cosplay Culture, […]
1. April 2019

Cecil Grimes

Cecil Grimes – probably the most famous Look-a-like of The Walking Dead´s Rick Grimes comes again to the CCON | COMIC CON GERMANY . After the […]
31. March 2019

SciFi Narische

SciFi-Narischen The SciFi-Narischen are a science fiction and fantasy club with more than 160 members from Bavaria and the whole German-speaking area. The club was founded […]
30. March 2019

Rebel Legion

Rebel Legion The German Base Yavin is the German subgroup of the worldwide represented Star Wars fan costume club Rebel Legion and one of the three […]
29. March 2019

Cult of Chrome

Cult of Chrome Is an international network of post-apocalyptic artists from all over Europe. With over 100 members, vehicles and large superstructures, the Cult brings the […]