23. September 2023


Hi there! My name is Shae, a wandering artist mostly known for sweet erocosplay pictures! After over a decade of crafts and spice, I decided to […]
22. September 2023

Scott Adkins

Lots of action is the focus of many film productions in which Scott Adkins has already been seen in his career so far. The British actor, […]
21. September 2023


Enafox brings your anime and video game waifus to life! Get a glimpse into the colourful world of her erotic cosplays. She loves to slip into […]
20. September 2023


On more than 2000 sqm you will find Europe’s biggest comic store in Esslingen, only 15 minutes away from the Stuttgart fairgrounds! Sammlerecke Comics und Romane […]
19. September 2023

Dance Dance Revolution “DDR”

For the first time at CCON | COMIC CON STUTTGART 2023 we have the hottest Japanese arcade games for you to try out in Hall 6. […]
18. September 2023

Hans-Georg Panczak

The Force is definitely strong (and, above all, audible) in Hans-Georg Panczak, whom we welcome to the GALACTIC CANTINA at CCON | COMIC CON STUTTGART 2023. […]
17. September 2023

SpaceDays – Exhibition

A little more than 2 decades ago, a handful of highly motivated fans and model builders had the idea to create a small exhibition with models […]
16. September 2023

KosyMo Sci-Fi Modellbau

There are many models of starfighters and space cruisers from Star Wars and Star Trek – but the models from KosyMo Sci-Fi Modellbau are in a […]
15. September 2023

Star Wars Cosplay Contest

May the Force be with you, dear Star Wars cosplayers! It’s time to show off your skills and harness the Force at our first Star Wars-exclusive […]
14. September 2023

Imperial Car

“Join the Dark Side” – This is the motto of an extraordinary automobile Many hours of hard work went into creating this Imperial BMW, an absolute […]
13. September 2023

Bambi Mercury

Bambi Mercury is unique in the party world: she makes it clear that drag is allowed to do everything and that everyone* should be creative. In […]
12. September 2023


Would you rather watch a Wookiee and a Mando fight over the last Warra nuts at the bar from a safe distance? Come on in! With […]
11. September 2023

A Look at Star Wars Art

From concept art to screen and promotional art. Star Wars inspired legions of artists over the world. Join our GALACTIC CANTINA poster artwork artist Mathilde Machuel […]
10. September 2023

Artcore Cosplay

Artcore Cosplay or Elli cosplays already for 9 years and inspires again and again both with her heart projects, as well as with erotic photo art. […]
10. September 2023

T-60 Power Armor (Fallout 4) – Walking Act

Something “really big” is on the way at CCON | COMIC CON STUTTGART 2023. Keep an eye out on the event grounds for the impressive T-60 […]