1. December 2023

Kairi in Cosplayland & Dorian Makbeth

KAIRI IN COSPLAYLAND Kairi has been actively cosplaying since 2008. Attending most of the Polish cosplay events – either as a contestant or a judge. She’s […]
1. December 2023

MechForce Germany e.V.

“We play BattleTech” MechForce Germany e.V. – MFG for short – is the largest German tabletop association specialising in BattleTech. BattleTech is a game that began […]
1. December 2023

HoloZoom – The Saga Deepdive

Star Wars has many unforgettable scenes that are known far beyond the fan community. Everyone knows them, everyone knows what’s on the screen – sometimes since […]
30. November 2023

German Base Yavin – Introduction

PANEL: SATURDAY, 13:45 – 14:00 / THE FORCE STAGE / GALACTIC CANTINA (Hall 4) “A long time ago in a galaxy far, far away … It […]
30. November 2023

Live Armour Building

PANEL: Saturday, 11:30 am to 12:00 pm / THE FORCE STAGE / GALACTIC CANTINA (Hall 4) We’ll build you a suit of armour! Exciting news! Be […]
29. November 2023

Dressing Rebels and Mandos

PANEL: Sunday, 10:00 a.m. to 10:30 a.m. / THE FORCE STAGE / GALACTIC CANTINA (Hall 4) How do I become a Rebel, Jedi or Mandalorian? Have […]
29. November 2023

Asmodee – Tabletop-Action + Aktionen

Star Wars™: Unlimited is Fantasy Flight’s biggest and newest trading card game with unlimited possibilities. The game features iconic heroes, villains, ships and locations from all […]
29. November 2023

How to Twi’lek

Join marajadecosplay on Saturday at 2 pm on THE FORCE STAGE in the GALACTIC CANTINA (Hall 4) as part of CCON | COMIC CON STUTTGART 2023 […]
28. November 2023

Important Guest Info

Here you will find Important Guest Info about the guest list of this year’s CCON | COMIC CON STUTTGART in Stuttgart. The invited stars are undoubtedly […]
26. November 2023

Lina Klöpper – Reading

Lina Klöpper (*2000) is studying to become a maths and English teacher in Leipzig. She is a slam poet, Saxon state champion 2021 and 2022, coffee […]
25. November 2023

Willgrim Art

Hi, I’m Willi. Some of you may already know me as willgrim art. I’ve been a professional diorama/model builder for 16 years and have been dedicated […]
25. November 2023

Sheila Wolf

Sheila Wolf has now spent almost two decades at countless international cultural, burlesque and gala events as a producer, performer and presenter. The impressions have left […]
23. November 2023

Star Wars – Found Parts

Star Wars – Found Parts The history of drills, ladies’ razors & hand grenades In their panel in the GALACTIC CANTINA (Hall 4) at CCON | […]
22. November 2023

Nori Cosplay

Hey, this is Nori Cosplay. This year I will have my second booth ever and it will be in the +18 AREA in Hall 6 at […]
22. November 2023


Hungry is an interdisciplinary visual artist, based in Berlin. Known for her unique ‘distorted drag’ aesthetic, Hungry gives her audience a glimpse of an alternate reality, […]