11. December 2015

AVP Universe Germany

The AVP-Universe (AVP – Alien versus Predator) Germany is the biggest and most active German-speaking community of Predator and Alien fans. The clan consists of enthusiastic […]
11. December 2015

Richard Harmon

Arc, Sky People and Murphy’s Laws – does that ring a bell? If so, then say hello to Richard Harmon well known as John Murphy from […]
13. December 2015

Bob Morley

We have a nice little announcement for The 100 fans for a perfect start to the week. Ok not really a little one, rather a bigger […]
16. December 2015

James Bond Club Deutschland e.V.

Martinis, Girls and Guns – Der James Bond Club Deutschland e.V. auf der Comic Con Germany. James Bond gehört seit über 50 Jahren zur Popkultur und […]
18. December 2015

50.000 Orks Projekt

Das 50.000 Orks Projekt zeigt zur Comic Con Germany Stuttgart 2016: „Die schwarze Schlange und die Pferdeherren“ Trefft die Projektgruppe mit Hobbykollegen aus ganz Europa, die […]
18. December 2015

Brett Dalton

Let’s continue with Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.: Brett Dalton, known as Grant Ward, will join Ming-Na Wen at Comic Con Germany! Grant Ward graduates from S.H.I.E.L.D. […]
21. December 2015

Hannes Schönian

Hannes Schoenian, aka HS Design, is one of Germany’s best-known male gaming-cosplayers. As he studied Stage/Costume Design and is now working at a theater, he has […]
22. December 2015

Mark Alan Dacascos

Hush! Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D spoiler! Mark Alan Dacascos won’t only join the series in season three, he will also join us for Comic Con Germany […]
28. January 2016

Caroline Munro

We have another Bond girl who is coming to Stuttgart. Caroline Munro is attending Comic Con Germany in June. The British actress and model Caroline Munro, […]
28. January 2016

Adrian Paul

For centuries we have waited for the time of the Gathering! Now it is time and Adrian Paul, best known from the TV series Highlander, is […]
25. February 2016


Yet another cosplayer is finding their way to Comic Con Germany in Stuttgart: Svetlana Quindt aka. Kamui is presenting her work and gives a few tips […]
3. March 2016

Melody Anderson

From Battlestar Galactica to Flash Gordon, ChiPs to an academic life – Melody Anderson surely has a lot to tell at Comic Con Germany in Stuttgart. […]
3. March 2016

Ty Olsson

A Grounder, who had been a vampire in purgatory, is coming to Stuttgart. Fans of The 100 and Supernatural can looking forward to meeting Ty Olsson […]
3. March 2016

Lindsey Morgan

Lindsey Morgen, best known as Raven from The 100, is coming to Comic Con Germany in Stuttgart and she will join her to male colleagues from […]
24. March 2016

Nathan Fillion

We have a great pre-Easter present for all Firefly and Castle fans. No one less than Nathan Fillion is coming to in Stuttgart in June. The […]