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I was born 1987 in a pittoresque town in Brandenburg near Germany's capital and graduated in theology in 2015. From the beginning I have always been enthusiastic about almost every form of art and creativity. I drew my first "custom work" in pre-school years (however, my first oevres mostly appealed to fans of abstract art), I received my first camera as a gift for my first day of school. I love to create pictures in front of the eyes and in the heads of people. In 2013 I ventured into professional self-emplyment and today I am a photographer, cover designer, illustrator - and author. The scarce remaining time is used for blogging, travelling and my charity project Mission:Change.

One of my photographic focus and passion is cosplay photography. This is where my inner fantasy author comes alive. By capturing cosplayers I am able tell stories through pictures.

When I open photoshop on my computer, one never knows what the outcome will be. My design focus is on the design of book covers for my own books and those of fellow authors. I also enjoy composing fantasy landscapes resulting in pictures that look like photos but contain elements one would expect to see in Middle Earth or Hogwarts. My book ideas are often reflected in my composings.

For my illustrations I prefer "old-school" tools: different pens and an eraser which I use to create photo- and hyperrealistic pictures of humans and animals. When I am not seeking for a perfectionist and realistic result I also enjoy illustrating digitally - then, however, I prefer comic or manga style. My Mini Heroines, designs for my charity project and illustrations in books are a few examples - two of which were published in December 2015 in a charity anthology called "Hoffnungsschimmer. Im Dunkel ein Licht" (Ray of Hope. In darkness a light).

In spring 2015 I self-published the two first volumes of my High-Fantasy-Series "Nafishur". In January this year I celebrated the release of my historical Romantasy Novel "Houston Hall - Schatten der Vergangenheit" being issued in the publishing house "Droemer Knaur".

And at present? I am currently working on the next two volumes of Nafishur and a new project in crime genre - and very much looking forward to revealing more details at CCON | COMIC CON GERMANY .


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