12. February 2019
Ralf König
20. February 2019

CCON | COMIC CON GERMANY 2019 | Specials | Umbrella Corporation Hive Palatinate

The cosplay group Umbrella Corporation Hive Palatinate was created during the science fiction meeting 2017 at the Technikmuseum Speyer. Initially consisting of four people, a jeep, a Spyder and a blue oil barrel.

The group continues to grow and now consists of 15 full members and has a considerable fleet of genre-typical vehicles, a mobile laboratory, a zombie cage and suitable means and equipment for zombie defense.

The first big event for the one-year anniversary of Umbrella Corporation Hive Palatinate took place at the Science Fiction Meeting 2018 in Speyer, where the work of a whole year was successfully presented on more than 200 square meters. The vehicles were also used at the parade.

Experience the cosplay group Umbrella Corporation Hive Palatinate at CCON | COMIC CON GERMANY!

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