CCON | COMIC CON GERMANY offers you the chance to experience some of the most famous social network personalities live and to get to know them personally. Look forward to top influencers and YouTube stars who are represented in Stuttgart. They will report on stage about their experiences and viral activities and you can get autographs.

18. May 2019


Kon’nichiwa! Saif is a Let’s Player that covers the anime / manga games in the Shōnen section on his YouTube channel TheNinjaSpooky. Series like DRAGON BALL, […]
13. April 2019


CorruptedCast For CorruptedCast horror and bizarre stuff from the internet are in the foreground. Be it the latest or older scary games, no matter! He dares […]
12. April 2019


Maxim Maxim Markow is the country’s most famous Esport commentator and the face of the German League of Legends scene. The trained teacher with a completed […]
7. April 2019


GamingClerks For 10 years Christian and Niko have been producing videos for the GamingClerks channel. A big inspiration at that time were magazines like GameTrailers, which […]
6. April 2019


Sev Horror is his life. Sev loves to send himself and his community on a real horror trip. With years of experience Sev has become the […]
5. April 2019


Malternativ Journalist, gamer and resting pulse professional. On his channel, Malte Hesse currently pillories bad advertising, games and films and drives the roller coaster of emotions […]
4. April 2019


Luc von Nordheim is a creator who deals with everything in the field of nerd culture on his YouTube channel Nerdfactory. From the comic origins of […]

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