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3. August 2022
8. August 2022

CCON | COMIC CON STUTTGART 2022 | Queer Avenue | Aria Addams

Best known as a contestant and runner-up on the primetime TV show Queen of Drags (2019), Aria Addams makes people laugh with her own comedy baking show "OnlyCakes" on Instagram, YouTube and TikTok with a reach of millions.

Pumps, powder, wig and a whole lot of humor, of course, Aria has also been a host and performer on stages and in front of the camera. Her social media community is deliciously entertained and celebrates her equally for her advice format "Arias fast hilfreiche Ratschläge" (Aria's Almost Helpful Advice), which is not to be taken entirely seriously, and as a queer advertising face for world-famous brands.

By the way: Aria Addams is one of the "Twitch Ambassadors 2022" for the German-speaking region and inspires her community several times a week in the livestream. Already last year, Aria Addams inspired the visitors of CCON | COMIC CON STUTTGART - among other things as an eloquent and comedic moderator of the Cosplay Costume Contest.

Meet Aria at our brand new Queer Avenue on CCON | COMIC CON STUTTGART 2023.

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Instagram, TikTok, YouTube


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