18. October 2023
Alice Dee
20. October 2023


Droidbuilders Germany is the German branch of the worldwide R2 Builders Club, whose members enthusiastically create faithful, remote-controlled replicas of R2-D2 and other droids from the Star Wars galaxy.

The robots are built from plastic, wood, aluminum or a mix of all these materials, depending on the preference of the “builder”.

The simple radio remote controls of the early years have now evolved into a wide variety of computer controls, microcontrollers and other automation systems.

Thanks to contacts built up over the years with the “Droid Wranglers” at Lucasfilm, the club has been able to produce absolutely faithful construction drawings and 3D models of the original droids, ensuring 100% prototype fidelity.

The R2 Builders Club was founded in 1999 by Australian Dave Everett, and currently has around 2,300 active members worldwide. One of the club’s special features is its international cooperation, which has resulted in countless cross-border friendships over the years. For example, the European R2 Builders meet once a year in Ghent, Belgium, for a meeting that can easily bring together 70 original droids, 50 builders and their families.

The R2 Builders Club was finally ennobled by Lucasfilm when the creation and control of the droids for The Force Awakens was awarded to two British R2 Builders, Oliver Steeples and Lee Towersey. British R2 Builders also worked on the filming of each of the subsequent sequels and the spin-off films.

In Stuttgart, Droidbuilders Germany will be represented with their booth in the GALACTIC CANTINA in hall 4 (booth no. 4C72). But also in the many other areas of the CCON | COMIC CON STUTTGART 2023 you will surely meet one or the other driving droid.

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