Packy Lee
2. November 2023
JediCast Live: Filme als Bücher – Wer braucht das noch?
3. November 2023

CCON | COMIC CON STUTTGART 2023 | GALACTIC CANTINA | JediCast Live: Hohe Republik, hohes Risiko - Florian Baur & Patricia Beiten

Since 2021, the Star Wars books have been running the great literary project Star Wars: The High Republic. The golden age of the Jedi Knights is told in numerous books and comics. But has too much been attempted? What worked – and what went wrong? Patricia and Florian from the Jedi Library’s JediCast look at the major project with praise and blame, draw connections to other projects from Legends and canon, and face the big question with you, the audience: what lessons can Star Wars learn for the future from the High Republic? Discussions are expressly encouraged!

Moderation: Florian Baur and Patricia Beiten

Dauer: 30 Minuten (in German language)


JediCast LIVE

The JediCast is your podcast for Star Wars literature and brings exactly that to the stage of the GALACTIC CANTINA! Whether it’s canon or Legends, comics or novels, we discuss all sorts of things from the Star Wars galaxy on a bi-weekly basis. In our editions under the label “Ausgelesen” (Selected) we focus on individual literary works, while in the so-called “Ratssitzungen” (Council Sessions) we take a look at entire literary projects, but also discuss Star Wars outside of literature in the form of series, films and video games.


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