Comic Con Germany | Caroline Munro
Caroline Munro
28. January 2016
Comic Con Germany | Kamui Cosplay
25. February 2016
Comic Con Germany | Adrian Paul

Comic Con Germany | Adrian Paul

For centuries we have waited for the time of the Gathering! Now it is time and Adrian Paul, best known from the TV series Highlander, is coming to Comic Con Germany in Stuttgart in June.

Duncan MacLeod was born four hundred years ago in the Highlands of Scotland. He lives his immortal life in Paris and Seacouver where he works as antiques dealer and runs a dojo. The series illuminates Duncan’s live, how he became immortal and how he lives his life with all its ups and downs.

The British actor Adrian Paul was born on 29th May 1959 in London. He got his passion for languages from his mother who is Italian. Apart from English, Adrian speaks another three languages including Italian, French and Spanish. After working as a choreographer and model in England, Adrian went to the United States.

The success of Adrian Paul’s best known role in the TV series Highlander helped him to be offered to star alongside Christopher Lambert in Highlander: Endgame in 2000 and he took over the franchise's lead position. After Highlander he appeared in Relic Hunter and Charmed. In 2009 he starred as Sir Francis Drake in the Sci-Fi original film The Immortal Voyage of Captain Drake.

The actor founded The Peace Fund in 1997 with his mandate of "helping children everywhere" and starting with the Fund's initial program "School Makes a Difference". After the tsunami of 2004, Adrian's personal connection with Koh Phi Phi in Thailand helped create the Fund's "Peace in Paradise" project. In 2006, Adrian joined people of the stature of Mikhail Gorbachev as a recipient of the WorldWide Charitable Alliances' Peacemaker Award.

Adrian Paul and Zoltan Fured founded Filmblips, a Canadian based company with offices in Toronto, Los Angeles and Budapest in 2008.

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