Comic Con Germany | Richard Harmon
Richard Harmon
11. December 2015
Barry Finnegan
13. December 2015
Comic Con Germany | Bob Morley

Comic Con Germany | Bob Morley

We have a nice little announcement for The 100 fans for a perfect start to the week. Ok not really a little one, rather a bigger announcement. Bob Morley is joining his colleague Richard Harmon at Comic Con next year in June.

Bellamy Blake is not part of the original 100. He sneaked onto the spaceship to protect his sister, who is on board and to hide because he shot someone on the Arc. On earth, he quickly becomes the leader of the group but accepts Clarke as co-leader as well. As a leader he has to make difficult decisions and has to leave people to die to save his own people.

Bob Morley was born in Kyneton, Australia, on December 20, 1984. He studied drama at school up to class eleven. He started his career at the theatre and got his first role as Drew Curtis in Australians cult series Home and Away. From 2011 until 2013 he played Aidan Foster in Neighbours. The characters Aidan and Chris have been the first gay couple in this TV show.

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