Comic Con Germany | Lightning Cosplay
Lightning Cosplay
31. July 2015
Comic Con Germany | Jon Provost
Jon Provost
14. August 2015
Teen Wolf at Comic Con Germany! We are proud to announce the first actor from the popular TV-Series, werewolf Brett Talbot, for our event in June 2016 in Stuttgart, Germany.

Brett Talbot is a young werewolf in Satomi Ito's pack. When we first meet him, he hates Liam for what he did to his coaches’ car. It is revealed that he is in fact a beta werewolf and is on the deadpool valued at 1 million dollars. He is attacked by Violet, one of The Orphans, but is left alive in order to draw Scott into a trap.

He returns to Satomi's pack and later becomes hunted by various assassins trying to collect the money. He and his pack are saved by Scott, Kira and Argent. Brett tries to help Liam get over his fear and tells him how lucky he is to have Scott as his alpha.

Cody Saintgnue: Born in Dayton, Ohio, American actor and model Cody Lee Saintgnue comes from a story of humble beginnings that he loves to share with others. Placed into foster care at the age of nine, and soon thereafter adopted, Cody began acting and participating in theater productions as a way of expressing himself and positively coping. After diving into print modeling in the Ohio area, Cody traveled to Texas for a Model and Talent Expo presented by Mike Beaty and surprised everyone by winning the competition as a newcomer and landing himself the front page cover of the competition showcase magazine.

At 14, Cody and his mother made the decision to relocate to Los Angeles to train intensely in production acting. After landing his first role on the television series, Southland, Cody went on to work on the television series documentary, America's Most Wanted: America Fights Back before landing roles on hit series House M.D. and Criminal Minds. With a few television roles adding to his experience, Cody was cast in his first film, All Cheerleaders Die in 2013 before being cast as Jack in the film, Preservation. Cody's most recent work includes playing Brett Talbot on the hit MTV series, Teen Wolf, and being represented by Next Model Management Los Angeles.

Heavily influenced by his own past and upbringing, Cody strives for heavy involvement with children and teen charities, organizations, and philanthropic activities. Spearheading his own campaign to make teens feel included and special, Cody created his own contest via his social media entitled #CodyTakeMeToProm in which he took a teen without a date to her senior prom for a memorable night. Calling it one of his most humbling experiences, Cody was inspired to continue work that made both himself and others feel good.

In addition to acting and modeling, Cody enjoys participating in a variety of sports including surfing, football, basketball, and particularly Muay Thai martial arts. Obtaining a coveted spot on the hit show Teen Wolf, Cody is eager to publicly showcase his acting abilities. Cody Saintgnue resides in Los Angeles.

Source: IMDb Mini Biography By: Brenda Rose (credit: TBD PR)

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