Comic Con Germany | Brett Dalton
Brett Dalton
18. December 2015
Comic Con Germany | Mark Dacascos
Mark Alan Dacascos
22. December 2015
Hannes Schoenian, aka HS Design, is one of Germany’s best-known male gaming-cosplayers.

As he studied Stage/Costume Design and is now working at a theater, he has a lot of routine and know-how about crafting, design, and presenting.

In 2013 he started crafting epic armor sets and his progress seems unbelievable. He always tries to set his goals higher and higher. He presents a big inventory of props, weapons and costumes in really epic and magical shootings.

Hannes was also able to work for different gaming companies such as EA GAMES or TRION World.
You’ll find him at his booth or while he takes part as a judge in our contests.

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