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28. April 2016
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6. December 2016
We are happy to announce a surprise guest: Manu Bennett is visiting CCON | COMIC CON STUTTGART 2024 !

He ist polpular fo a lot of movies and TV-series.
He ist Slade Wilson in Arrow playing a major character since Season 2.
But he also became famous for playing Crixus in Spartacus (2010 bis 2013), also one of the main charcters.
For Fantasy-Fans he is known as the Ork Azog, which he played in all three parts of The Hobbit-
Currently you can see him in The Shannara Chronicles .

Manu Bennett andLiam McIntyre will be giving a Q&A in Hall 3 Saturday at 10.30h and Sunday at 10.00h.
Entry for that panel will still be 10,- EUR per person.

Manu Bennett will also be availabe for autographs and photosessions.
His photosessions will be Saturday at 16.30h in Photosession 1 and Sunday at 13.45h in Photosession 3.

Sources & additional links for Manu Bennett:

Twitter, IMDb


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