Comic Con Germany | Naomi Grossman
Naomi Grossman
24. September 2015
Comic Con Germany | Corinne Cléry
Corinne Cléry
9. December 2015
Patrick Currie is known to many Stargate Fans as Fifth, the human-form Replicator from Stargate SG-1 and he will join us at CCON | COMIC CON STUTTGART 2024 in June 2016.

Fifth indicates that he was the fifth Human Form Replicator. He was an experiment, however, he was considered defective. Fifth appeared to be more compassionate and more human than the others.

Patrick Currie also played Unas Chaka, as well as the character Eamon in Stargate SG1. He also appeared in New Battlestar Galactic, Supernatural, Smallville and The Outer Limits.

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