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CCON | COMIC CON STUTTGART | Stargast | Robert Maschio

Robert Maschio will be MC of the big stage in hall 3 this year. He will be available for photosessions but unfortunately no autographs will be available due to his job on stage.

The actor appeared in Scrubs an US-Armerican hospital dramedy TV-series with cult status. He was already a guest in Stuttgart in 2016.

Todd Quinlan is a surgeon at Sacred Heart Hospital, where the show takes place. He often delves into rampant sexual innuendo with his colleagues, even during surgery. He claims that sometimes he hides under desks and behind walls for hours until a situation or conversation pops up that he can comment on. Whenever he hears anything he can adapt into something connected to sex, he appears and makes a gesture for someone to give him a high-five. The Todd will often use the phrase, How's your penis?, as a greeting for men.

During his first year, Chief Surgeon Dr. Wen ranks him the best surgical intern at the hospital, and he is ranked second place among the surgical residents in terms of surgical skills. The Todd loves very powerful, often painful high fives. The Todd wears very distinctive scrubs. Unlike the other characters in the show, The Todd's scrubs are cut off at the shoulders leaving his arms in full view, which shows off the tattoo on his right bicep that reads DOC. The Todd's surgical 'doo-rags' usually have colorful patterns (such as scantily-clad women or streaks of fire) printed on them. He is also commonly seen sporting banana hammocks, and insists that anyone sleeping over at his apartment has to hammock up. The Todd exemplifies a common stereotype in medicine: The Scalpel Jockey - a surgeon with great surgical skills, and no intelligence. There have been numerous hints that The Todd's excessive boorishness towards women is over-compensation for homosexuality.

Robert Maschio is an American actor. He is known for playing Dr. Todd 'The Todd' Quinlan in the American comedy-drama Scrubs.

Maschio made guest appearances on various TV shows such as Bram & Alice, and he eventually landed the role of a hypersexual surgeon in Bill Lawrence's sitcom Scrubs, playing the recurring character of "Dr. Todd 'The Todd' Quinlan". Maschio also guest-starred in another Lawrence production, Spin City, in 1996, and played a jury member in Veronica Mars in 2005. Another role included the rapist Louis Browning on the daytime soap opera As the World Turns in 2006. In 2011, he appeared as Goldman in French comedy film Hollywoo with comidienne Florence Foresti.

Selected filmography

2006: As the World Turns, Louis Browning, 16 episodes
2005: Cuts, Tommy, Episode Analyze What
2005: Veronica Mars, Madison Harwell, Episode One Angry Veronica
1996 and 2001: Spin City, Officer Carney, Episodes The Perfect Dorm, and Dog Day Afternoon
2001–2010: Scrubs, Dr. Todd 'The Todd' Quinlan, 156 episodes.
2011: Hollywoo, Goldman, French language comedy
2012: Cougar Town, Uncredited Cameo Yard Worker / Dr. Todd 'The Todd' Quinlan, Episode A One Story Town
2013: Men at Work (TV series), Dr. Fleming, Hospital ER Doctor, Episode Uncle Gibbs

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