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Nicole de Boer
30. June 2015
Comic Con Germany | Shiroku
31. July 2015
A wrinkled forehead, a grouchy mimic, but always very helpful – that's Robert Picardo as the emergency medial holographic program (EMH), the Doctor on Voyager. He is a computer program activated for the first time in the movie Star Trek: First Contact. Most spaceships of the United Federation of Planets are provided with this program, as well as the U.S.S. Voyager, stranded in the Delta Quadrant due to an attack by the Caretaker. The Voyager's human doctor died, therefore Captain Janeway had no choice but to activate the Doctor´s program permanently. A livesaving decision during the seven years it took the Voyager to come home.

Robert Picardo speaks a surpringly good German and is a gifted opera singer. He already wanted to be an actor in his youth, but his parents initially weren't supportive. This changed when he sang in Leonard Bernstein's Mass in college, and Bernstein himself saw Picardo and told him he should pursue being an actor. The young Picardo asked Bernstein to tell that to his parents, which the great composer did, thereby changing their minds. Robert started as a noted stage actor, appearing, among others, in Gemini on Broadway.

There is no need to have a full headdress, true acting skills are what makes the success of an actor – a well-known fact not only since Patrick Stewart. Bob Picardo also is wearing his bald head very proudly – which meanwhile has become his trademark.

With 170 episodes in Star Trek: Voyager, the role of the holographic program with personality, made Robert Picardo world-famous. This success brought him other roles in movies and TV-series until he came to Stargate SG1 in 2004. Bob played a character called Richard Woolsey in 7 episodes of the successful series and he played this part again in Stargate Atlantis. This time as main character in 26 episodes altogether.

Not only the Star Trek Fans are looking forward to meeting him again, but also for the huge fandom of Stargate lovers it is a unique opportunity to meet “Richard Woolsey” live and in person. A series character who doesn't have anything in common with the “Holodoc”.

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