Liam McIntyre
14. April 2016
Jon Huertas
15. April 2016
Castle gets support from one of his colleagues. Detective Kevin Ryan aka Seamus Dever is coming to Comic Con Germany in June.

With the encouragement of his family and his father, a drama teacher himself, it’s no wonder that Seamus Dever endeavored to pursue a career in acting. He received a Bachelor’s in theatre in a mere three years at Northern Arizona University. After this, he was accepted into the graduate program at the prestigious Carnegie-Mellon University and The Moscow Art Theatre for which he is the youngest person to earn his Master’s degree. Dever is also a lifetime member of the renowned Actor’s Studio.

His current success as star of ABC’s critical and audience favorite Castle is further testament to his talent. As Homicide Detective Kevin Ryan, he proves to be a fan favorite as well; always imparting his charm, wit, and wealth of obscure knowledge. Season 3 has proven to be an eventful one for Dever as his character marries his longtime girlfriend who is coincidentally portrayed by his real-life wife, Juliana.

He also starred in General Hospital, Cold Case, Army Wives, CSI Vegas, Ghost Whisperer and Dark Blue. His current project is H. Henry Locke in the movie The Extraordinary Farewell.

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