Comic Con Germany 2017 | Starguest | David Dastmalchian
David Dastmalchian
9. December 2016
Comic Con Germany 2017 | Starguest | Dirk Benedict
Dirk Benedict
16. December 2016

Comic Con Germany 2017 | Cosplay | Liechee

Liechee is a Cosplayer from Germany and is called Elien, or just Lie. She started Cosplay when she was very young in year 2006.

Liechee is equally fascinated by sewing, crafting, wig styling and Makeup and is constantly trying to improve her skills. Her Cosplays are selfmade with only a very few exceptions.

She enjoys trying out new techniques or coming up with new ideas and loves to share her experience with others to help them. Liechee already visited a lot of Conventions and also got the chance to get to know foreign ones.

Except Cosplay she's very passionate about singing, which she'd like to combine with her costumes in the near future.

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