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6. December 2016
Comic Con Germany 2017 | Starguest | David Dastmalchian
David Dastmalchian
9. December 2016

Comic Con Germany 2017 | Free Special | Star Wars Erlebniswelt

One of the foundations of Comic Con Germany in Stuttgart is the atmosphere and the attractions created by the fans.

In 2017 we will present you a Star Wars Experience together with the great Prospectors from Belgium.

Face the slimiest villain of the galaxy in Jabbas Palace and find out “who shot first” in Mos Eisley cantina. You have Max Rebo and his band as your ringtone? Then take a picture with it. Banthas and Grumgar will make your family picture look just great.

Attractions on Comic Con Germany are always free, which means you take as many pictures as you like. Attractions are mostly organized by fans who do this in their free time.

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