Barry Finnegan
13. December 2015
James Bond Club Deutschland e.V.
16. December 2015
One could call it a huge kind of cosplaying because the cosplay of Andreas Bauer is big, really big and impressive. And you can see it in Stuttgart next year in June.

They are cosplaying for three years. Andreas's first cosplay was Iron Man Mark VII, which he brought to life in endless hours of work. His next cosplay, War Machine, took about 700 hours and was built with as much passion and some minor injuries than Iron Man Mark VII. The response to to War Machine was overwhelming.

They also bring a Ford Mustang GT 300 with them that was transformed into a Transformers show car. And don't forget the biggest guy – Wheeljack. The costume measures 3.20m x 2.30m and is absolutely impressive.

Julia will join us as Black Widow from Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D and is Andreas’s bodyguard because he is almost blind in his Wheeljack costume. So Julia helps him to find his way. She also brings her branded SUV S.H.I.E.L.D car along.

Sources and additional links for Transformer & Black Widow:

Facebook Seite - Iron Man, Facebook Seite - Black Widow, Facebook Seite - AJ-Designs GbR


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