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9. May 2018
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29. May 2018

CCON | COMIC CON STUTTGART | Cosplay | Manuel D'Andrea

Born and raised in a little town near Rome in 1993 , Manuel D’Andrea developed a passion for creativity and art from the first years of life. He has a vocation for painting, drawing, graphic art and post-production, tailoring, decoration and sculpture.

2011 he discovered a particular skill for creating costumes, which is when he created his first cosplay. In 2012 he won important prizes like the Italian Championship and in March 2013 he created his personal costume brand, Midnight Costumes - a space dedicated to the creation of high quality costumes, from Cosplay to themed wedding dresses.

Manuel continues his artistic career applying his art in the design world where he creates artwork like various merchandise (from T-shirts to interior design). Starting from 2016 he decided to create a space on his socials where he transforms his face with Makeup into different types of characters from male to female, from human to fantasy.

Nowadays Manuel works actively as a Costume Designer, Graphic and traditional designer and Makeup Artist.

"I try everytime to make dreams and fantasy comes true. There is only one way to make this possible and this way is called Art." - Manuel D'Andrea

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