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17. November 2021
Huli Cosplay
23. November 2021

CCON | COMIC CON STUTTGART | Cosplayer | Bai Long Cosplay

On Con Sunday Bai Long Cosplay will make our Cosplay Kingdom at CCON | COMIC CON STUTTGART, as Eivor from Assassins Creed Valhalla unsafe. If you want to go with him to England, have questions about his costumes or just want to take a picture with him, just talk to him. He may have been bitten by a wolf, but he rarely bites. He's also inviting you to a panel on the Comic Zone Stage at 12:00 (Sunday noon) to dive into the following topics with him and our photographer Daniel Dornhöfer:
  • Presence and confidence in photo shoots or stage work.
  • Fighting postures from Shaolin Kung Fu and how to use them to give your images a new kick.
  • Basic rules of weaponry: how do I move with which historical weapon ...
We are sure that the info, which Bai Long Cosplay will share, will feed your next cosplay shoot with new ideas.

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