12. August 2022
Simon Kassianides
17. August 2022

CCON | COMIC CON STUTTGART 2022 | Queer Avenue | Robin Solf & Miss Ivanka T.

ROBIN SOLF Not only with his genderfluid looks and well-trained chest the queer artist from Berlin inspires. Thanks to his voice, Robin Solf is also successful as a podcaster and singer. With a cheeky tongue and together with drag queen Miss Ivanka T. he talks weekly about being gay, sex and colorful topics of the queer scene at "GAG - der Podcast". Honest, direct and very private, the two of them chat with and without guests and have since reached number 53 in the German podcast charts.

By the way, Robin is also a co-host of the Sputnik Pride podcast on MDR. Many probably know him as a participant and runner-up in the third season of the gay dating show "Prince Charming". Robin is an activist for the rights of the LGBTQIA+ community on Instagram, TikTok and outside of social media - including this year on the ZDF/unbubble format "Sag's mir" on the topic of church and homosexuality. Robin Solf can also be experienced as a host and moderator at events or as a DJ with an unconditional love for pop culture.

MISS IVANKA T. She may be Austrian according to her passport and on her tongue, but for more than 8 years she has also proudly been an irreplaceable part of the queer community in Berlin. Miss Ivanka T. is currently making a name for herself in particular as a podcaster and co-host of "GAG - der Podcast", one of the most successful queer podcasts in the German-speaking world. The self-proclaimed icon, legend and sensation convinces on Instagram and TikTok especially with her extraordinary make-up looks and her humorous manner. As party organizer of her own series at SchwuZ, Germany's most famous queer club, the drag queen is deeply rooted in the Berlin scene and nightlife. In addition, Ivanka is also appreciated as a host, presenter and as a performance and comedy artist. On TV this year she can be seen, among other things, as part of the drag jury on the RTL prime time show "Viva La Diva". By the way, Niklas (real name) is the editor and creative mastermind of HART Mag, a biannual magazine on post-fetishism and queer culture.

GAG - DER PODCAST In a world dominated by mass media, cancel culture and the Berlin party scene, two queer artists - Robin Solf and Miss Ivanka T. - decide to launch a gay & colorful podcast. GAG - the podcast combines insights into the LGBTQIA+ world with the essence of a coffee chat. Every Friday a new episode is released full of entertainment and lots of private insights. As of mid-February 2022, the format already counted 111 episodes, in which the duo either keeps to themselves or chats with illustrious guests such as Desiree Nick, Candy Crash, Kim Petras, Lauv, among others, for between 40 and 60 minutes per episode. GAG is one of the most listened LGBTQIA+ podcast in the German-speaking world, landed in the meantime on number 53 of the German podcast charts and is available on all major audio streaming platforms - such as Spotify, Apple Podcasts, Google Podcasts, Podimo, Podigee and many more. For the ComicCon in Stuttgart, Robin and Ivanka have thought of something very special with GAG. Be curious!

Sources & additional links for Robin Solf & Miss Ivanka T.:

Robin Solf
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Miss Ivanka T.
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GAG - Der Podcast


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