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CCON | COMIC CON STUTTGART 2022 | Specials | Marshfield Mysteries - Pen & Paper Live-Event

Marshfield Mysteries – The Pen & Paper LiveEvent!

Something is going on in the small town of Marshfield – and only the members of the role-playing club can stop it! Follow them into the depths of the 80s, where hairdryers and shoulder pads aren’t the only things lurking for our heroines!

On Saturday, players will take on the roles of teenagers in the USA of the 80s, and on Sunday they will play their fantasy characters in a Dungeons & Dragons adventure.

With them are:


Kim Freiraumreh Adam  Paul Burghardt  Liza Grimm  Christoph Hardebusch  Lea Kaib  Natalja Schmidt


Kim Freiraumreh Adam has been a streamer on since 2015. Every day she accompanies her community through the morning, discussing topics such as sustainability & interpersonal, offering safespaces and opportunities to share experiences.


Paul Burghardt is a German author who works primarily as a radio play producer and narrator. He also acts as a dialogue director and dialogue writer. He is best known for his radio plays Wayne McLair, Twilight Mysteries, The Greatest Cases of Scotland Yard and Revelation 23.


Liza Grimm fell in love with fairy tales and stories as a child. When she’s not writing, she’s passionate about tweeting about her dog and producing all kinds of content about books.


As Franigo, Christoph Hardebusch rolls the dice in all kinds of pen & paper worlds and has also created some fantastic worlds himself in his bestselling novels. When he’s not writing, playing or reading, he tells wild stories to his two cats or awards fantasy prizes.

Lea Kaib is a content creator and author. Her debut novel “Love with Pride” was published last year by S. Fischer Verlage (Fischer New Media). At conventions you might know her as Lea from Hipsterfangirlfashion or as the voice of the cosplay podcast Nerdplay.


Natalja Schmidt knows the book industry from many perspectives: she works as a publishing manager at a major German trade publisher, awards the SERAPH fantasy prize with the Fantastic Academy, and writes historical novels about the Renaissance under the name Noah Martin, her favorite hobbyhorse besides pen & paper.

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Paul Burghardt

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Liza Grimm

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Christoph Hardebusch

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Lea Kaib

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Natalja Schmidt

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