Are you a comic artist, comic author or illustrator?

If the answer is YES then CCON | COMIC CON GERMANY Comic Zone is the right place for you. CCON | COMIC CON GERMANY will have a large gathering of comic artists from Germany and many other countries.

Our task is simple: bring together artists of every media, style and level to provide a platform for presentation. Here you can interact with your fans, sell your newest artprints or sign comics. And of course there will be many publishing companies for you to get in contact with.

1How do I order a table?
Use the the contact form below and choose the table you want to obtain. We will check on your application and then decide on it.
2What kind of tables are there?
We are providing two types of tables for comic artists. Our centertables do not have a back wall and measure up to 220 cm to 50 cm. Centertables are limited to one comic artist each for the amount of EUR 30,00 incl. VAT. At the moment, all center tables are fully booked.

In addition you can order the same table with a back wall for the amount of EUR 120,00 incl. VAT. This table provides you with the possibility to present artwork behind your table. You can even order more than one table (each table adds up to EUR 120,00 incl. VAT).
3What size is the table?
Our table measures are: 220 cm x 50 cm.

If you order a table with backing wall you can order a second table and double the size of the table space to 220 cm x 100 cm for 20,00 EUR incl. VAT.
4How do I pay for the table?
We will get back to you by January 2018 to let you know whether we can provide you with a table. We will sent you an email with the invoice for the table and costs for other booked options. After your payment has been received we will send you a confirmation letter.
5Can I bring my own tables?
No, all tables will be provided by CCON - Comic Con Germany.
6How many chairs will be provided?
For the centertables we provide one chair.

For the tables with backwall we provide 2 chairs.
7Can I share my table with another artist?
Yes you can share the table with one other artist. Please note that one artist has to order the table and pay the fee for the entire table.
8Do I need to obtain a ticket as an artist?
No, if you have received confirmation of an artist table you have free access to the convention. You will have the same access rights as a weekend ticket holder.

If you share your table with another artist, you can ask for a second artists ticket after you got the confirmation for your table.
9What about my assistant or other people that want to help me?
Helpers have to buy a weekend ticket.
10As an artist, can I park at the fair?
Yes, there will be special parking spots for exhibitors.

Parking will cost a fee.
Please have a look at the following link: PDF Übersicht Parken Aussteller
11Can I use brackets and screws for my displays on the table?
You can use brackets but you cannot use any screws on the tables.

If tables are damaged they will have to be paid for.
12Will CCON - Comic Con Germany provide tablecloths?
No. We will not provide you with tablecloths. You are obliged to bring your own. All tables must have a tablecloth on them before putting any items on the table.

For fire protection the tablecloth must be of low flammability (fire resistance 1), like molton fabric.
13What happens to items left behind after Comic Con Germany?
Please make sure that all your belongings will be taken away after the show. We are not liable for items left behind and all items left behind will be disposed at the artists costs.
14Can I cancel my booking?
The reservation is binding, a cancellation is not possible.

You may transfer the complete booking to another artist. Please contact us via email under .
15Do you have another question?
Please contact us under We will answer you as soon as possible.


Entries for Comic Zone 2019 will be open beginning October 8tht, 2018.
  • FedCon 2018 | 18.05. - 21.05.2018
  • MagicCon 2018 | 23.03. - 25.03.2018
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