Supergirl, Harley Quinn, Wolverine, Ironman or Loki - Cosplay and comics simply belong together! And both are major parts of a Comic Con! Costumed attendees in awesome outfits make sure that both cosplayers and other visitors are having a time to remember – and offering a stage for the cosplayers’ creative hobby. And that is why the “cosplay” subject is also a very important one for Comic Con Germany and a major part of our con experience.

To make sure that both visitors and cosplayers can have the time of their lifes and make a whole lot of geeky memories we also need some rules. We have here all information a cosplayer needs for taking part at Comic Con Germany in Stuttgart in cosplay.

Please take your time to read this page carefully to make sure your time at Comic Con in cosplay will work without any problems. If you have still questions after checking out this page, please do not hesitate to write to and ask us.

FAQ Cosplay

1Which cosplay should I choose?
Comic Con Germany welcomes all kinds of cosplay. Comics, Mangas, Animés, Movie or TV-Series, Videogames or an original designed character: The whole range of cosplay is what we’d love to see!

Important: When you choose your outfit, please be aware that Comic Con Germany is an event for the whole family. Will say: We expect to have also families with children as attendees.

That is why we ask you to have your private parts and backside covered with proper clothing. Bodypainting that cover your body in a proper way are ok, too (yes, we’re eying towards Mystique!)
2What measurements are ok for my cosplay?
Your outfits should not be bigger than 2m in diameter. Capes, tails and everything, that is hanging on your costume should not be more than 1 m - 1,5 m on the floor. Or Comic Con is taking place in a trade show location and we’re expecting a lot of visitor. If you bring a very big cosplay it might be in danger to be damaged due to lack of space or too many people. And we simply do not want to have any of your work be damaged.

This rule is also valid for cosplays with wings or feather capes. Those should also to be too wide. Please also check that those costume parts are not wider than 2 m-2,5 m.
3Dress up in cosplay on location?
We will have a special cosplay area at Comic Con Germany. There you’ll find a limited number of locker rooms, where you can change. Of course you also can dress up in your hotel room, car or at home if you’re local and come already wearing your cosplay to our Comic Con.

Important: Please be aware, that Comic Con Germany is taking place right next to Stuttgart airport. If you choose to wear military or police style cosplays, e.g. from Stargate, Battlestar Galactica or Video games with a military background you could cause confusion or severe worries amongst air travelers that are not attending Comic Con.

Our urgent request: If you want to wear a military or police style cosplay at all costs, please make use of our locker rooms inside the convention area and change there. This might save passerbys from being scared and the police from having unnecessary alarms.

It goes without saying that all military uniforms and cosplays have not added any forbidden signs and symbols. We have some special laws here in Germany when it comes to symbols from certain times. If you’re not sure do some research about this subject. It goes further without saying, that you respect the general German law for arms and ammunitions also when it comes to fake weapons. In Germany the term is “Anscheinswaffen”, so the law says how to handle fake weapons that have a very realistic look and could be mistaken for real ones.
4Cosplay with armour and helmets
If your cosplay is coming with armour parts made from metal, you have to take care that they are well attached to your costume. We do not allow costumes with sharp edges or rims. If you choose to wear an outfit with spiked wrist bands or collars/necklaces those spikes have to be blunt.

Please have a look that your cosplay (and also normal clothing) has no sharp edges generally. As mentioned above: We expect a lot of people and this would be flat out dangereous.

Weapons for your Cosplay

For a lot of cosplays weapons and props belong to the outfit. We have strict regulations in Germany when it comes to the subject of wearing weapons in public. That is why we need to implement this laws directives in the course of Comic Con Germany.

To make sure to meet all the law’s directives we will set up check point for weapons and props in the entry area of the convention area. There we’ll check and asses your weapons and props.
Weapon Check – Opening Hours: Saturday and Sunday 8:00 am - 05:00 pm

Cosplay weapons prohibited and allowed:

Cosplay weapons and props that are NOT allowed: German law prohibits generally carrying weapons, fake weapons and weapon imitations in public and on events. If you plan to bring any of these please also check and follow the German law. According to our law prohibited weapons are amongst others:

  • Real arms and ammunition
  • SoftAir weapons
  • Gas pistols (loaded and unloaded)
  • Pyrotechnics
  • Missile weapons (knives, throwing stars, arrows)
  • Knuckles, Totschläger, Stahlruten
  • Choke weapons
  • Stabbing weapons (knives, hatches, axes, morning stars, swords)
  • Fake weapons made from metall or wood
  • Thrusting weapons with a substitue blade made from plastics, resin or wood
  • Staffs made from wood, metall, fiber glass, hard plastic or made combining some of the materials mentioned above.
  • All kinds of arrows

If you carry any kind of the prohibited things mentioned above you can be expelled from the convention area permanently.
Also banned are: Lengths of chain and so called Tanto knives.

Which cosplay weapons and props are permitted?

The permitted weapons imitations are (regarding the rules above):
  • Weapon imitations made from foam, rubber, cardboard and soft plastic
  • Nerfguns
  • Blunt imitations of strike and thrust weapons
  • Arrows or spear, but only when the tips area made of a soft material
  • pointy items like spears or arrows have to be flexible on the pointy end!
  • LARP weapons ("Live Action Role Play" – mostly foam or latex imitations with a stabilizing core)
  • Weapons and staffs made from wood, cardboard, plastic, soft materials and foam
  • Not working bows with a fake bowstring, max. length 1,50 m and quivers, but only with fake arrows
  • Thrusting weapons (e.g. nunchaku) but only with non-metall chains and predetermined breaking point
German law applies for the above rules: §§ 1, 42 und 42a WaffG.

And the most important thing: HAVE FUN!!!
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  • MagicCon 2018 | 23.03. - 25.03.2018
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