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26. June 2018
CCON | COMIC CON GERMANY | Wichtige Gast-Infos

CCON | COMIC CON GERMANY | Wichtige Gast-Infos

A few moments ago Chuck Norris‘ management let us know that there were problems concerning his journey to Stuttgart. Sadly Chuck Norris will not be able to attend Comic Con Germany this year. We regret this cancellation with all of our heart. We, the CCon team, have been looking forward to his visit ever since he signed the contract many months ago.

Gregg Sulkin was not able to catch his flight due to current filming projects and will not appear in Stuttgart.

However, Chuck Norris is not the only thing Comic Con Germany hast to offer. We are expecting a countless number of cosplayers and comic artists and cannot wait to see a huge Lego exhibition, huge movie props and a variety of other Hollywood stars here in Stuttgart. Our annual celebration of popculture is almost upon us – and we can’t wait to welcome you here.

Visitors who have already ordered a ticket for a photoshoot or autograph with Chuck Norris or Gregg Sulkin will be paid back immediately via Eventbrite.

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