24. August 2022


In the dazzling Queer Avenue at CCON | COMIC CON STUTTGART 2022, bähmbähmwigs.com will also be represented with a booth. The online store is a top […]
2. October 2022

Candy Crash

At the latest since her participation in Heidi Klum’s Pro7 prime-time format Queen of Drags, Candy Crash should be known to an audience of millions. She […]
23. October 2022

Veronica Mont Royal

Veronica Mont Royal – Stuttgart’s multilingual drag diva is a true chameleon: today the seductive vamp, tomorrow the evil sorceress, the snake lady or the enchanting […]
10. November 2022


Since 1984, M·A·C COSMETICS has established itself as the ultimate beauty brand with roots in the arts, inclusion and diversity at its core, and a commitment […]
29. August 2023

Danny Ma Fanny

Legs legs legs, whats on the Menu? Legs! Danny ma Fanny is probably the most beautiful drag queen from Stuttgart and has the longest legs in […]
6. September 2023

Absinthia Absolut

Absinthia Absolut is a genderfuck queen from Berlin who loves to break down the boundaries of gender roles. Whether it’s a print or a perfectly formed […]
13. September 2023

Bambi Mercury

Bambi Mercury is unique in the party world: she makes it clear that drag is allowed to do everything and that everyone* should be creative. In […]
20. October 2023

Alice Dee

Alice Dee, the green Queen of Berlin is the singing, jumping drag bomb from the capital. She sings live, tap dances our stage in Queer Avenue […]
28. October 2023

Vava Vilde

For the third time Drag Queen Vava Vilde will be at CCON | COMIC CON STUTTGART! From Queen of Drags to big advertising campaigns to opera […]
1. November 2023

AIDS-Hilfe Stuttgart e.V.

Superheroes, magical beings and antiheroes, they stand up for justice and defeat villains every day… But do they prevent? They better, because there are a lot […]
8. November 2023

Katy Bähm

bähmbähmwigs.com will also be represented with a stand in the dazzling Queer Avenue in Hall 6 at CCON | COMIC CON STUTTGART 2023. The online store […]
18. November 2023


Nikita is the assistant of bähmbähmwigs.com (present in Queer Avenue in hall 6 at CCON | COMIC CON STUTTGART 2023) in the styling area. She cuts, […]
22. November 2023


Hungry is an interdisciplinary visual artist, based in Berlin. Known for her unique ‘distorted drag’ aesthetic, Hungry gives her audience a glimpse of an alternate reality, […]
25. November 2023

Sheila Wolf

Sheila Wolf has now spent almost two decades at countless international cultural, burlesque and gala events as a producer, performer and presenter. The impressions have left […]
26. November 2023

Lina Klöpper – Reading

Lina Klöpper (*2000) is studying to become a maths and English teacher in Leipzig. She is a slam poet, Saxon state champion 2021 and 2022, coffee […]