Your star up close

Get your photo taken together with your favorite actor. Each star guest will preferably have a session of 15 to 60 minutes once a day (variations subject to availability), during which you can acquire a photo together. Exact times will be available in the program schedule approximately 4 weeks prior to the event.

Professional photographers will take the photo of you and the actor in front of a photo wall, with proper lighting and high quality equipment. You can take the printed photo with you immediately afterwards.

Whether you come to the photo session in a special costume or in “civilian clothes” is up to you. On our examples you can see what has already happened on our past events.

Click here to get to the photo-ops tickets (as far as already available)
Photosession tickets are not included in the entry ticket and need to be obtained additionally.
You need a photo session ticket for each photo session.
No autographs can be obtained during photo sessions because it would interfere with the operation.
Guests appear subject to work commitments.
Photo session tickets (for photos with stars) will be sold online in our ticket shop prior to the convention. You can also obtain photosession tickets at the venue.

FAQ for photosession

1How is the photo sessions working?
There will be two photoshoot rooms at CCON | COMIC CON STUTTGART 2024. it will be sufficient if you arrive 5 minutes before your session is called. Please note that not all actors will have a photosession of 30 or 60 minutes, some sessions will be shorter.

Once you arrive in the actual photosession room you place your stuff on a table. Our team will help you with that. Now you still have a brief moment to fix yourself and here we go.

You will be standing beside the guest and look into the camera. Your photo will be taken by a professional photographer in front of a backdrop and with lighting to ensure the best possible image. You don´t have to lean over a table using a smartphone.

Afterwards you pick up your stuff und proceed to the next room. Your picture will be ready for collection almost immediately. We use a professional photo printer not some inkjet printer that lets you wait till the evening.
2Do I need to print my photosession ticket
Yes! Please print your ticket on a white paper and have it with you at the photosession. Lost or forgotten tickets cannot be replaced. No ticket = no photo.
3What do I do if I want to go to two photoshoots happening at the same time?
Talk to a member of our crew in the photo area they will bring you to your second photosession and arrange that you have your photo taken.
4How many tickets can I buy at once?
There is no limit on the number you can buy.
5Can my friend and I both be in the same picture?
Yes, however it is still one ticket per person. You can have two people in the picture, but what you need to do is buy two tickets and you can then pose together in two photos, and only one copy of each will be developed.

Exception: Children up to the age of 13 can join their parents for free on the picture. Every adult however still needs his own ticket.
6What if the actor cancels and I already have purchased a ticket?
No problem. We refund the money for the photosession ticket automatically to you. You don´t even have to contact us it will happen on its own.
7Can I give presents to the actor or have aconversation with him?
Please refer from these due to the short time table we have at the photosessions.
8Can i get my photos digital?
Yes. After the event you can order a digital copy from your photos via Notes can be found on the EPI website.