Cosplay Contest 2023

The Cosplay Contest belongs to our conventions as well as the Cosplayer. For many cosplayers and guests, as well as for the fair, it is one of the crowning highlights. For months cosplayers prepare themselves for the spectacle. They work day and night on their costumes, sometimes they even do the last steps until shortly before the contest, to present it minutes later to hundreds or thousands of spectators as part of the great show.

The cosplayer takes the audience for a short moment into another world, together with the appropriate music and performance, it breathes life into characters we usually only know from movies, series, games or comics. It doesn't matter whether you faithfully transpose the character or leave room for your own interpretation.

The best cosplayers can look forward to exciting prizes, collected by various sponsors who are well known in the scene. A reward for the work and effort a cosplayer has invested in his costume.

It doesn't matter if you are a beginner or advanced, thanks to different categories and a professional jury that is familiar with the scene itself, every participant has the same chances.


Hydra Forge presents the Cosplay Contests.

You will have the opportunity to present your costumes in several competitions.

Details will be announced at a later date.

Short summary

Performance duration:
Individual participants: 30 seconds at your disposal
Groups: 60 seconds at your disposal

Music + Audio: Own pieces of music: You may submit your own music (more information will be given after registration)
Microphone: If you need a microphone, please mention this in your registration, but at the latest when we contact you afterwards. We will then check if it is possible to realize this as you wish.

Props: Only props that are directly related to the costume may be used!

Wins: We will announce the winnings for the individual placements on our Facebook page ( as soon as possible.

Pre-judging: No pre-judging is currently planned. However, we reserve the right to organize one, should the number of participants make it necessary.

Answer: Immediately after your registration you will receive an automatic email, which is mainly used to confirm your registration. In addition, this email will also contain information about the further procedure. A few days later we will contact you personally to clarify further details. So please check your spam folder from time to time so that you don't miss our answer.


1What are the requirements for participating in the Costume Contest?
The competition is only open to visitors of CCON | COMIC CON STUTTGART who have purchased a valid ticket for Saturday. Evaluated participation is possible from the age of 16. Anyone under the age of 16 can still participate, but will not be judged. The cosplay has to be mostly self-made. The same rules of weapons apply as for the whole CCON | COMIC CON STUTTGART. The main requirement is a conformable, prior registration for the contest. The cosplay may not have participated in any CCON contest before.
2How does the costume contest work?
The participants will present their costumes on Saturday at 5 p.m., on Sunday at 1 p.m. in short performances on stage. Accompanied by music of their own choice, they take a walk on stage, while in the background photos and their names are shown on a screen. At the same time the performance is moderated and facts about the participant and his costume are presented. Afterwards the jury is involved and the participant leaves the stage again. After the presentation of all participants the prizes will be awarded. Since we have only a limited time window for the competition, we reserve the right to organize a preliminary decision. This prejudging will, if necessary, take place directly after the registration deadline, i.e. about 1 month before the actual contest. A team of judges, determined by us, will evaluate your costumes and make a preselection. After that we will inform all participants whether they made it to the final of the contest or not. Should it be necessary to organize this preselection, we will announce this on our social media channels as soon as possible. However, the prejudging will only take place if the number of participants is too high to present them on stage.
3Can you choose the music in the background yourself?
Of course, it is your decision which music will make the performance the best and make the show what you want it to be. Because of the Organization and planning should have all the selected pieces ready by the deadline will arrive at our office ( The length played on stage is 30 seconds (120 seconds for groups). But please send us the complete song, no abridged version!
4Can you also be evaluated as a group?
Groups get their own contest. Each member of your group must register using the normal registration form and enter the same group name. Groups get 120 seconds of time slots on stage.
5Who's on the jury?
Well-known performers, stars of the scene, experienced tinkerers and artists from all areas, which will be announced later.
6Is there a dress rehearsal?
A real dress rehearsal will not be possible, but you can have a look at the stage before, during the day, and we will tell you where you will be walking during the contest. You can also ask us anytime.
7How long does the competition last?
Experience shows that the competition takes about 1 1/2 hours.
8Which costumes are allowed?
Any costume that fits the frame of the CCON | COMIC CON STUTTGART is allowed. It can be any character from books, movies, anime, video games and of course comics. But also own creations are allowed. The costume must not have already been judged at another CCON. The costume must, as mentioned above, have been largely created by the participants themselves.
9Which costume weapons are allowed?
There are no special rules for the contest. The same rules apply here as for the rest of the contest.
10Is there a way to change?
The Cosplay Kingdom will have men's and women's dressing rooms.
11How big is the stage?
The size of the stage will be announced as soon as it is known on which stage the competition will take place.
12Is there a storage possibility for my costume, props, backpack etc.?
There is no extra room for this, but you can leave your things at the cloakroom for a small fee. There will also be the possibility to store a certain amount at our stand.
13Is there anything to drink during the competition?
Drinks will be provided behind the stage during the competition.
14Are there mirrors, toilets, etc.?
Yes, there are plenty of toilets with mirrors at Messe Stuttgart. There will also be Cosplay Kingdom changing rooms, please try to use them in preference to the toilets to keep them as free as possible.
15I have physical complaints (e.g. chronic back pain) and cannot wear my costume for the entire duration of the competition.
If you have such restrictions, please write this in your registration. We will try to find a solution together with you.
16Are special effects like pyrotechnics, fog or light effects allowed?
Pyrotechnics are not allowed. Lighting and stage effects are organized by the technical team.
17What props and scenery are allowed?
Backdrops are not allowed. Props are only allowed if they directly belong to your costume.
18Can I get a microphone / headset?
If you have something specific to say, please note this on the registration form. We will then check the feasibility together with the CCON technical team. Furthermore we assume that the presenter is allowed to ask you about your costume. He will base his questions on the facts you send us in advance. The more information about your costume and its construction you send us at/after the registration, the better our host can ask you something you know the answer to ;-)
19Vocal performance
Vocal performances are unfortunately not possible for technical reasons.
20What categories are there?
The categories are roughly divided into Cosplay and Crafting, more details will also be announced.
21What prizes are there to win?
There are again insanely great prizes to be won. These will be announced at
22Will there be a photographer?
Yes, our photographer Daniel Dornhöfer will take pictures of each of you during his big performance. Furthermore, you can always come by our Hydra Forge booth during CCON | COMIC CON STUTTGART and use it as a suitable backdrop, just like the photo backgrounds in Cosplay Kingdom.
23Will the moderator ask me something?
We assume that the presenter is allowed to ask you questions about your costume. He will base his questions on the information you provide.
24How do I get to Messe Stuttgart? Where can I park?
Here you will find all information.
After filling out the registration form, we will check your registration and confirm it in writing if it is accepted. You need a valid CCON | COMIC CON STUTTGART 2023 ticket. You have to buy this ticket in our Ticket-Shop


Registrations for the Cosplay Contest 2023 will be open from June 1, 2023.
Are there any questions left unanswered? Please send an e-mail to