Plans and Overviews

CCON | COMIC CON STUTTGART 2023 will take place at Messe Stuttgart (Trade Fair Stuttgart) in the area of Eingang Ost (Entrance East). The convention area includes Eingang Ost, Hall 1 , Hall 3 and the Atrium in the Entrance area.

If you arrive from the parking lot or the suburban train station Airport/Messe just follow the signs leading to Eingang Ost. Inside the big entrance hall you will find the ticket counter which opens at 08.00 am and the weapons check for cosplay guests. If you are carrying any weapon props you will have to be checked by our staff members.

Hall 1

Hall 1 is two-story. On the first floor there is the comic area including the drawing alley and the COMIC ZONE STAGE, the COSPLAY KINGDOM, the QUEER AVENUE many fan groups, an extensive merchandise offer and the large area with exhibitors from various fields. In addition, the CATERING is also waiting for you here.

In the gallery of Hall 1 you will find more attractions like the large LEGO Exhibition or the Card Show.

Hall 3

Here is the large STAR STAGE with the panels of all star guests. In addition, the autograph sessions and the photo sessions will take place there. For the purchase of vouchers for autographs/photo sessions, a large sales booth will be available. Attention: Please exchange vouchers purchased online for autographs and photo sessions (with QR codes) into the final vouchers on site. In Hall 3, you can get cash at the CASH MOBIL.
The big CCON Party will take place here on Saturday from 18:30. As well as other program items according to the program plan.