Interesting Anecdotes

A popular attraction at our events are the panels and lectures. Did you ever wonder what happened backstage during the shooting of your favourite TV show or movie? During our star guest talks you can learn all about the behind the scenes information first hand.


Our guests will be on stage either solo or in a group with fellow cast members, answering questions from the audience. Panels tend to allow the guest to tell stories and anecdotes from their work, every panel is different and occasionally brings suprises not one can predict!

All panels will be free to attend. Because of the high number of visitors we cannot guarantee a seat. Seats are given away by "first come".

A seat in the front row of the main stage (in the atrium) is reserved for holders of CCON VIP TICKETS (available from the Ticket Shop, subject to availability).


Lectures differ from panels primarily in that they have a different background. Lectures can come from the fields of physics, literature, astronomy or many other areas and deal, for example, with the question of how long we will have to wait for the development of warp drive. Or comparisons are drawn between the Middle Ages and the fantasy world in The Lord of the Rings or Game of Thrones. Our lecturers are university professors, literary figures and always fans of the respective series - just like you.