There are 4 stages at CCON | COMIC CON GERMANY 2019 and each has its own schedule. All activities at the stages are included in your entry ticket

Comic Zone stage

This stage relates to everything concerning comics. A lot of our comic publishing houses have slots at this stage and present their product, often accompanied by their artists.

Additionally there are comic read outs, live drawing workshops and some reports from Behind the Scenes.


A lot of actors are presenting stories about movie production on this stage. There is also the chance that you can catch up with a brandnew episode from a show or a report commentated by the crew.

On saturday and sunday the Atrium stage is home to the big Cosplay Contests.

After the Cosplay Contest on saturday the big CCON PARTY will take place in the Atrium.

Hall 3

The stage in hall 3 has place for 1.200 visitors and here you can see the actors of which we beliefe that the audience would be too big for the Atrium.

As with all the other stages as well there is free choice of seats. There is a waiting area in front of the audience. And don´t worry. After each panel there is a 15 minute break so there is plenty of time for everyone to enter and leave.

Cosplay Kingdom stage

This is the stage for all cosplayer and people that just like to craft. See our cosplayer, look out for some workshops or just geeky stuff.


All the exact times for our stage you will find app. 6 weeks prior to the event on our site timetable.

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