The Dealer Zone at CCON | COMIC CON STUTTGART is offering various possibilities for your individual purpose. We generally allow sales of all merchandise products. However sale of food and corresponding products needs to cleared with us before booking since we need to fullfill certain conditions by the trade fair.

At CCON | COMIC CON STUTTGART 2021 in Stuttgart on November 27th 'till 28th 2021 you have a wide range of dealer booths to choose from, just click on the link to our online store.

Among other things you have the possibility to book the following stand areas in hall 6, for which we have particularly favourable prices (IMPORTANT: the offer refers ONLY to the clean stand area without partitions or other equipment):

CCON | COMIC CON STUTTGART 2020 | Special Dealers Area (IMPORTANT: the offer refers ONLY to the clean stand area without partitions or other equipment)

CCON | COMIC CON STUTTGART 2020 | Special Dealers Area (IMPORTANT: the offer refers ONLY to the clean stand area without partitions or other equipment)

Each booth is getting one exhibitior pass, additional exhibitor passes can be purchased at the Messe Stuttgart online portal.
In 2019 we will again have two fair halls again:
In hall 4 we have: Comic Zone, Comic Publishing houses, companies from the gaming and entertainment area, Cosplay Kingdom. Dealer tables in this hall are already booked out.

In hall 6 we have: actors, autograph zone, photo ops and movie and media companies. This is also our main dealers hall.

1Can I bring my own tables?
Only if you booked a plain sales space you can bring your own tables.
2Can I bring my own hallstand or coatstand?
Yes as long as you remain inside your dealer tables area. Due to regulations from police and fire departmend you are not allowed to expand your area.
3Are there any restrictions concerning the height?
Yes, all heights above 300cm will need a written aproval from Comic Con Germany.
4What items can I sell?
As long as the items are legal you are free to sell it. Please mind german youth protection laws when selling DVDs or similar items. No selling of bootlegs or any pirated copies. Selling of food and beverages is only allowed with written approval of Comic Con Germany.
5How many chairs will I get?
We are providing one chair per sales booth and 2 chairs when booking 2-3 sales booths.
6Can I mail items to the event?
Yes we have composed a brochure "DELIVERIES TO MESSE STUTTGART" which you can download here.
7How many entry tickets will i get with my booking?
1 booth will give you 1 tickets. You can order additional tickets after registration in the Stuttgart trade fair online portal.
8When can I set up my table?
Building time will be Friday from 07.00 a.m. to 08.00 p.m. and Saturday from 07.00 a.m.
9Will I get a parking ticket?
Yes there are special parking tickets for exhibitors. You can order these exhibitor parking tickets in the fair store of Messe Stuttgart.
10Can I use brackets and screws for my displays on the table?
You can use brackets but you must not use any screws on the tables. If tables are damages they will have to be paid for.
11Will the promoter provide tablecloths?
No. We will not provide you with tablecloths. You are olbiged to bring you own. All tables must have a tablecloth on them before putting any items on the table. Tables muss not be sticked on.
12What items can I use to set up a shelf behind my table?
You must not damage the wall behind you. You can use your own shelfs in front of the wall if there is enough space. Posters and pricelists can be attached to the wall as long as they can be removed without any residue later.
13What happens if something is stolen from my table. Is there a insurance for this?
No you are not insured against theft. Please consider your own insurance or order security from the trade fair.
14What am I supposed to do with my table on saturday evening?
We suggest you spread cloths over your goods. After the event is closed on saturday noone will be allowed to enter the hall except for security which will be present on the venue. However we cannot give you any guarantees therefore.
15What happens to items left behind after the event?
Please make suer that your complete booth will taken with you after the show. We are not liable for items left behind and all items left behind will be disposed at the dealers costs.
16Can I cancel my reservation?
No. Reservations are definite and not refundable.
17You need further information?
Please give us a note using our contact form. Will get back to you asap.