Frequently Asked Questions

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Are there any tickets left on site?
Yes, there are enough tickets available on the spot at the Messe Stuttgart box office.
What should I do if I can no longer find my ticket?
If you have lost or accidentally deleted your tickets, please send a short email with the subject "CCON Tickets Second Shipment" to Please include your full address.
Can I come with a day ticket on another day?
Unfortunately this is not possible. The ticket data has been transferred to the admission system and the ticket is only valid on the day for which it was issued.
My ticket does not have a barcode.
This is not a problem, the scanners can also read the QR code this year.
Are the tickets transferable if I am unable to attend?
Only the QR code of the ticket counts, it will be scanned at the fair. This means that the tickets can be passed on to third parties.
Can I also get photo vouchers and autographs on site?
Yes, the photo vouchers can be bought directly before the session of the respective actor. There are also enough autographs from all actors available.
Can I take food and drink with me?
In principle, there are no objections, but we would like to draw your attention to the fact that there are bag controls and no glass bottles may be taken onto the grounds.
I would like to take my cosplay to the event and my costume contains a weapon, can I take it to the grounds?
The rules for cosplay weapons are described here on the homepage. The final decision, whether a weapon is allowed or not, is made by the helpers at the weapon check at the entrance.

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