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31. March 2017
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4. April 2017

Comic Con Germany 2017 | Cosplay | Erza Cosplay

Erza Cosplay is 25 years old Cosplayer from Munich which is sewing and crafting her own costumes for over 10 Years. Since 2012 she worked on some big projects, armors and weapons with the thermoplast material Worbla. She is known for some big projects with a lot of small and filigree details, for her „Halfrelief Methode“ and for her sculpting skills with that material. One of her favorite things on being a Cosplayer is, to help other people with their projects and to upload a lot of helpful videos and tutorials in the last years.

The biggest weakness of her is that she's so stage fright! So, she didn’t won so much during the last years. But the her weakness isn’t that bad, because she had time to judge some national and international cosplay competitions like the EC or ECG! She is so glad to be Comic Con Germany 2017, and to have the chance to meet new people, talk with them and have a look at their awesome costumes! So, don't be shy to come to her booth and have a great time with her.

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