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Jon Provost
14. August 2015
Comic Con Germany | Cosplay Riddle
13. September 2015
Jessica Nigri is a cosplay entrepreneur and professional model, famed for her cosplay and charity work. She has cosplayed Morrigan, Harley Quinn, Rainbow Dash, Female Joker, and Anya Stroud just to name a few.

Perhaps one of her most famous cosplays was that of Pikachu in 2009 that helped garner her much attention. She also won a contest with IGN and was hired by WB Games to play the role of Juliet Starling in the marketing campaign for the videogame "Lollipop Chainsaw."

Jessica Nigri has now moved onto more cosplay ,international conventions and voice acting. Playing the leading role in the anime Super Sonico she looks to expand further into voice acting for both anime and video games!

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