19. May 2019
Adrian vom Baur
29. May 2019

CCON | COMIC CON STUTTGART 2019 | Cosplay Kingdom | Joo Skellington

Joo is a self taught Makeup Artist and Plastic Artist From Guadalajara Mexico. His work made him win the “Giving Back Scholarship” from the Makeup Artist Magazine to Study in Los Angeles when he was 19.
Once in California He graduated as a Makeup Artist, and started his career in Special Effects. Winner of more than 16 International awards in events such as: San Diego Comic Con, IMATS, Wondercon and Monsterpalooza, winning first places and also “the Most Innovative Artist” “Best Costume” “Best Recreation with Honorable Mention” “Best Original Design”
Joo Has been featured in various news papers media pages and magazines such as: BuzzFeed, Unilad, Daily Mail UK, LA Times, San Diego On Tribune, Yahoo, Cosmopolitan, The Makeup Artist Magazine, PopSugar, 9Gag. Joo Skellington is famous for his artistic creations in Special Effects and Makeup Design, and he is best known for bringing Animated Characters to Real Life Monsters.

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