Simon Kassianides
17. August 2022
24. August 2022

CCON | COMIC CON STUTTGART 2022 | Cosplayer | Pretzl Cosplay

Pretzl Cosplay is a cosplayer from the Netherlands who loves to design and create detailed costumes.

Her costumes are mostly in a fantasy theme, ranging from intricate sewing work to badass armors. Besides crafting the costumes she also loves to write tutorial books, film tutorial videos and make cosplay crafting and sewing patterns to help other crafters feel confident enough to finally create that dream costume that has been on their wish list for such a long time. Even if cosplay crafting may seem daunting at first, Pretzl hopes that with her tutorials books, videos and patterns, many more people can start cosplaying.

At CCON | COMIC CON STUTTGART 2024, Pretzl Cosplay will hold panels about cosplay.

Sources & additional links for Pretzl Cosplay:

Website, Instagram, TikTok


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