24. August 2023
Cira Meisen
26. August 2023

CCON | COMIC CON STUTTGART 2023 - GALACTIC CANTINA | Stargast | Trevor Butterfield

Trevor Butterfield entered the acting scene in 1980 and jumped straight into the big leagues by portraying a Stormtrooper and an Imperial Officer in Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Back.

He subsequently played the roles of Bossk, Lieutenant Blount, a Calamari warrior, the Rancor Keeper’s assistant Giran, and a Stormtrooper in Star Wars: Return Of The Jedi.

After working on Return Of The Jedi, Butterfield shifted to special effects work. Having been lucky enough to lend his talents to major film franchises including Indiana Jones and The Last Crusade, Aliens, Mission: Impossible, Prometheus and the Harry Potter saga, Butterfield achieved his lifelong career goal of making his mark in special effects. He now also enjoys attending conventions and signing autographs, particularly for the many Star Wars fans who continue to appreciate his work.

We are happy to welcome Trevor Butterfield at CCON | COMIC CON STUTTGART 2023 in the context of GALACTIC CANTINA.

IMPORTANT INFO: Trevor has his booth in hall 4 directly in the area of the GALACTIC CANTINA. There is no need to purchase a voucher to get an autograph. Payment will be made directly at the guest’s booth. The autograph costs max. 30,- EUR and selfies with Trevor can be made free of charge at the booth.

CCON | COMIC CON STUTTGART 2023 - GALACTIC CANTINA | Stargast | Trevor Butterfield

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