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30. November 2023
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CCON | COMIC CON STUTTGART 2023 | GALACTIC CANTINA | HoloZoom - Der Saga-Deepdive mit Max Wild und Gästen

Star Wars has many unforgettable scenes that are known far beyond the fan community. Everyone knows them, everyone knows what’s on the screen – sometimes since 1977!

But do we really have “on screen” what Lucasfilm has presented to us here?

At HoloZoom, we get to the bottom of these questions and, together with Max from and his guests, explore four iconic scenes from the Star Wars saga with a big magnifying glass: retouching and props, Hollywood effects and home remedies, anecdotes from the set and much more – we dive into the details of the films and get to know and love them all over again.

HoloZoom – The Saga Deepdive with Max Wild and guests.

As a long-time wiki author and film critic, Max has developed the right instinct for where a closer look is worthwhile. He is supported by Michi Zimberg (youthful enthusiast and merciless accountant) and Michael Stipp (podcaster, Jedipedian and in-house social media phenomenon), among others.

Curious to find out more? You’ll find the HoloZoom in the GALACTIC CANTINA on THE FORCE STAGE in Hall 4. You can find out exactly when in the current programme overview.

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